Hello, I'm Aspen. I'm currently based in Seattle, WA, working at Amazon as a UX Designer (on Design Systems).

Prior to Amazon, I pursued my Master's in Human Computer Interaction + Design at the University of Washington and worked at the Ubiquitous Computing Lab on augmented reality (AR) research.

Before that, I was a product designer working with the government of Singapore designing its nationwide identity app for 3.5 million residents. I prioritized inclusiveness and accessibility heavily while designing and shipping multiple features in a space that required high levels of trust and privacy of users' personal data. During that time, I also spearheaded the creation of the app's design system that new features are now built on.

Born and raised in Singapore, I went through a primarily science-based education, but made a pivot to pursue a undergraduate degree in Industrial Design at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in the United States.

My multi-faceted background in both the arts and sciences were pivotal in my journey to becoming a UX designer. I also intuitively make considerations beyond the screens because of my experiences designing both physical and digital products. As a UX designer, I find balance between functionality, scalability, aesthetics, and context of usage when creating products and systems.

Outside of work, you can find me bouldering, playing soccer, or hanging out with friends. Feel free to reach for coffee!

me wearing graduation gown, in front of mount rainier.

typical day of bouldering

i did not pose for this, completely candid

i'm the wizard-of-oz