Inventory management for Cargill's feed mills


Improve the system that site managers use to efficiently record and track feed piles on feed pads


Project Lead

Systems Design

UX Design


Stakeholder Management


2 x Product Owners

1 x Product Manager

2 x SWE Interns (now at Instagram & Google respectively)


September 2019 - December 2019

(2.5 months/16 hours per week)


The solution is a digital inventory management platform that feed mills can use to efficiently record and track where feed piles are placed on an open field and more accurately direct truck drivers to their assigned feed piles for pick up.

Instead of logging exact coordinates, this platform uses a grid to narrows down the area required for search because of the lack of internet connection and GPS signals on the huge open fields.

Majority of the project is under NDA, please feel free to reach out to me for more details!


In March 2022, I learned from my manager that this project is currently under production! Here’s a screenshot of this announcement via a LinkedIn comment she made.


There were two major problems:

  1. No room for misidentification of feed piles
  2. Information about feed piles were manually tracked

No room for misidentification

Feed piles are very similar in color, which makes it impossible to tell different feeds apart or if they have been mislabelled. It is also very costly to re-identify the type of feed.

Ineffective manual tracking

Feed piles were ineffectively recorded and tracked on a whiteboard. Both information of the feed pile and information about the feed pile's location are probably not accurate.


This system uses a “battleship” grid to manage inventory by narrowing down the area required for search to locate a specific feed pile.

A wide grid is used because there is minimal internet connection and GPS signal available in the huge open fields. This makes it difficult to use exact coordinates for location and/or to upload information into the system reliably.